Sale Alert: Lazada Philippines Labor Day Sale

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From April 27 until May 3, the Philippines’ One-stop Shopping Destination is giving a treating everyone to a shopping spree by unveiling a parade of its bestselling items that could be purchased via flash sales from the site or through the Lazada Mobile App available on Google Play and iOS Appstore.






Founded last 2012, has grown to be the Philippines’ one-stop shopping destination, generating a sizeable contribution in livelihood and employment of many Filipinos. And with this, celebrates Labor Day with its first show-stopping parade of flash sales from April 27 until May 3 all carrying a pricetag of PhP 99 each – ensuring that every Filipino shopper gets more out of their  hard earned buck through the effortless and risk-free online shopping experience that provides.

The treasure trove of the flash sales is to be unveiled on the Lazada PH social media accounts on Facebook (, Instagram (@lazadaph_style and @lazadaph), and Google Plus (+LazadaPhilippines) so be sure to subscribe to these accounts and keep your eyes peeled on how you can make the most out of your money this Labor Day only at the Philippines’ One-Stop Shopping Destination –

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Route 3565 Mobile Bar in Recovery Bar

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A few weeks ago, my friend invited me to try their mobile bar. So I decided to visit them and try something new. Route 3565 Mobile Bar is a habitat for drunkards. It is not your typical mobile bar. The group behind the mobile bar loves to share the bliss in getting buzzed responsibly.








I’ve tried all of Route 3565’s different shots. My favorite is the Cucumber Lime Smash and the Bobo Drink. All of their shots are actually good. You can’t taste the alcohol. And you won’t get tipsy right away. You can enjoy the night and drink up but still with class.





Route 3565 Mobile Bar

  • Offers variety of packages depending on the number of guests.
  • Each package is inclusive of awesome freebies you can take advantage.
  • Beer Pong Table with equipment.
  • Shooters are out of ordinary. You won’t even know you are drunk.
  • Caters any events from your typical reunion to wild street parties.
  • Packages include illuminated bar and its dancing lights that will sure set your moods.
  • Prices can be adjusted to YOUR budget.
  • Mixes are consistent; the night just gets better and better.
  • Promises that you and your friends will get drunk and happy by the end of the night.

Overall, I love Route 3565 Mobile Bar’s shots. I am certainly going to visit them when the semester ends! Yey!

When I visited Route 3565, they were in Recovery Bar, BF Homes, Aguirre Ave., Parañaque City, Philippines. I also got to try some of their food and one of their cocktails. I only tried one shot but it was awesome! I tried the Mint Wintermelon Cocktail. Great for ladies. It tastes just like a cherry. As for their food, their specialty are the sisig and steaks. I’ve tried their Seafood Sisig. Believe it or not, it was the best seafood sisig I’ve tried!











Just by looking at the photo of Recovery Bar’s Seafood Sisig, I’m already craving for more. Route 3565 and Recovery Bar, I’m certainly going back when the semester ends!

To sum it up, for your party needs, I highly recommend Route 3565 Mobile Bar. And when you’re around Parañaque and looking for a bar with good food, cocktails, beer pong and live band, you must try Recovery Bar.

Route 3565


Mobile: 0915 512 3565


Recovery Bar


Landline: +63 2 478 9577

Address: 172 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque City

A Test of Trust: Is it a gift from above?

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In the news yesterday, Airport security guard Danny Namion was on routine patrol Friday afternoon in Ninoy Aquino International Airport when he found an unattended backpack on a baggage cart. Standard Operating Procedures requires us to report it and coordinate with the Philippine National Police Aviation Security Bomb Detection Group. After inspection, the bag doesn’t contain a bomb but $10,700.



Photo Source:

Photo Source:



Just a few hours before finding the bag, the Namion had to borrow P100 (roughly around US$2.00) from a colleague just to be able to buy himself lunch. Who would have thought that in that same day, he would be rewarded with $300? Amor, the bag owner, acknowledged the guard’s honesty. Being broke, he could have kept the money or maybe kept a few. But instead, he surrendered the bag. And in fact, he did not keep all $300 to himself. He shared $200 with his colleagues! He was already happy and thankful to God for the $100 which he will use for the expenses of his children. He has a monthly salary of Php 12,000, has two children and separated from his wife, yet he shared $200.

I really admire the guy. If you were in his position, would you return the bag? Would you share the reward? Let me know in the comments!



Repair With Confidence in Spex Appeal

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At some point, even how much care and love you have given your device, it will give up. But love is always sweeter the second time around, right? Yes. At some point in time, your beloved iDevice will probably need a battery replacement or it may have issues. Not only iDevices, but all batteries have a certain battery lifespan. If your battery is failing, then you’ve probably used up all of your battery’s life cycle. Battery is not always the issue of a phone who has been in service for so long. It may be something else; home button, sleep/wake buttom, or worse, LCD. The longevity of the device may not be always the case. You love your device but accidents happen, right? If you need to repair your beloved iDevice, whom do you trust? We love our Apple Devices so much that we don’t want third party centers to do the repairs. We always wanted an accredited technician of Apple for our iDevice. That’s how much we love our device. If you think only Apple stores are the only ones you can trust, you are making a big mistake.

I love my iPhone so much, but I had accepted the fact that the battery has to be replaced. I don’t want to entrust my iPhone to just anyone. So I did a research. I found out that there only around 3 certified Apple doctors in the Philippines. The most popular is Spex Appeal. Why did I say they are the most popular? Because when you do a research in forums and social media, you actually see real people recommending them. You would actually see that they are tagging the man behind Spex Appeal, Mr. Jerome Cabrera. Why are they recommending Spex Appeal? Because people are really satisfied with their service. If I’m not mistaken, around 9 out of 10 customers are satisfied with their service. (Just a quick trivia, Mr. Cabrera started Spex Appeal through home service! Now, they have an overwhelming number of customers! They have several branches and amazingly, they are still doing home service and meet ups!)



Photo Source:

Photo Source:



Since they have a really good reputation, I decided to pay them a visit. Inside their branch in Robinsons Forum, I instantly saw the other certificates from Apple. Spex Appeal is indeed a legitimate Apple Doctor. I asked them to change my iPhone 5’s battery. It was done in 5 minutes! Wow!










Used Wifi, LTE and 3G simultaneously, a few gaming, Spotify.



I have been using the battery for more than a week as of writing this post. In terms of the performance of the battery, it’s the same with original battery I had. (Note: The battery life of any phone depends on the user.) Overall, I highly recommend Spex Appeal for your iDevice’s repair needsRepair With Confidence in Spex Appeal!

Have you tried their service? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!






Spex Appeal




Mobile/iMessage: +63 927 540 7677


Dell Introduces Innovative Networking Solutions

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Dell announced an enhanced networking portfolio designed specifically to meet the needs of small to medium-sized businesses, including the new X-series family of smart managed switches and an expanded N-series family with the addition of the Dell N1500 for smaller fully managed environments.






Distributed, global workforces have given rise to increased mobile and cloud computing. This, combined with the rise in data analytics, has caused businesses to experience a data deluge. IT departments of all sizes are looking to create a network infrastructure that is able to manage this new generation of computing and workload processing but are often constrained by limited resources. To provide small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with a competitive edge and the ability to grow their networks at a flexible and affordable rate, Dell has introduced these innovative networking solutions that combine cost effective, enterprise-level network control with consumer like ease.

Dell brings decades of experience delivering enterprise-class features in technology solutions specifically designed for small and medium-sized customers,” said Arpit Joshipura, vice president, Strategy and Product Management, Dell Networking. “Today’s announcement is another example of our commitment to enable customers to break free of outdated networking paradigms.”

Dell Networking X-Series

The Dell Networking X-Series is a family of smart web-managed 1 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and 10GbE switches specifically designed for SMBs that offer intuitive, enterprise-class features, as well as multiple flexible configurations. SMB customers can enjoy advanced network management without requiring professional IT support thanks to step-by-step wizards and customizable dashboards that make configuration, calibration and troubleshooting quick and accurate.

Dell Networking N1500

The Dell Networking N1500 family offers fully managed 1GbE switches optimized for smaller networks. The switches utilize a comprehensive enterprise-class Layer 2/3 feature set, common command-line interface (CLI) for consistent management and standard 10GbE SFP+ transceivers and cables for stacking, providing up to 200 1GbE ports in a 4-unit stack. SMBs can deploy a secure network that is optimized for VoIP and social environments, and prioritize network traffic for maximum efficiency.

Dell Networking W-series wireless support

To reassure wireless customers and partners, Dell announced extended support for the W-series family of wireless access points and controllers.  Dell is committed to supporting the W-series without interruption throughout the product lifecycle.


  • The Dell Networking X-Series is available for order now.
  • The Dell Networking N1500 will be available this summer.
  • Dell Networking solutions are available through channel partners worldwide.

Supporting Quotes

Dell is on the right track with the expansion of their current offerings targeting the SMB market to provide optimized solutions for every size network.  Companies of all sizes can easily scale and deploy the next generation of applications and services to make them more competitive in today’s global marketplace. The N-series managed switches have allowed us to modernize and scale our network as our requirements become more complex. ” Matthew Bloom, IT Director, Dakkota Systems

As a Dell Premier Partner, we are excited to see the release of the X-series and the N1500 switches. This will provide new opportunities for our mid-market customers and enable us to continue the growth of our Dell partnership,” Karen Penticost, Director Vendor Relations, CorpIT Solutions.

  • Dell introduces new X-Series family of smart-managed 1GbE and 10GbE switches with intuitive work flow management, traffic visibility and real-time control to optimize cloud and onsite network applications
  • Dell expands the N-Series family of fully managed 1GbE switches with Layer 2/3 capability designed for smaller networks
  • Dell continues commitment to the W-series wireless portfolio with extended support

About Dell

Dell Inc. listens to customers and delivers innovative technology and services that give them the power to do more. For more information, visit

Source: Press Release